Four Perfect Days: San Diego

For the final part of my birthday trip, I had the pleasure of visiting beautiful San Diego. A place like no other- everyone in San Diego was immensely welcoming, the weather was sunny, and every dog I saw was a cute puppy. It was like something out of a fairytale! We stayed in the iconic Hotel Del Coronado on Coronado Island, a lavish hotel that hosted the biggest stars of old Hollywood, and has certainly withstood the test of time.

Hotel Del 2017, and back then in Marilyn Monroe’s Some Like It Hot

The main reason that we traveled to San Diego was to fulfill my nerdy fantasy and attend San Diego Comic Con. This insane event draws in people from around the globe, and is the largest pop culture convention in the world. Stars from a host of television shows and film, from Marvel to Game of Thrones, gathered to meet fans and showcase exclusive content to attendees. As well as being a complete nerd-fest for film and TV fans, SDCC also had many other things to experience, as well as the latest technology, panels and photo-ops, and a vast marketplace-style floor with more merchandise than you could possibly imagine. We had a fantastic time seeing other people’s cosplays too, there were tonnes of awesome costumes and everyone loved showing them off! We were also lucky enough to see the cast of Game of Thrones AND The Walking Dead on the day we attended! The funny part is, after wrestling through hoards of people to even catch a glimpse of these stars, the next day while we were relaxing by the pool, who else but Andrew Lincoln (TWD) sat right by us on the sun loungers! We didn’t want to cause a fuss as he was probably recovering from the previous day’s mayhem, but this was such a surreal and unbelievable moment that sums up the crazy time we had in the States.

Other highlights of our time here were the USS Midway museum, which is an immense aircraft carrier that you can explore and learn about San Diego’s rich naval history: the free audio tour brings the experience to life and you even hear stories from the veterans who lived and served on this ship. The renowned San Diego Zoo was also absolutely incredible, and had many animals that I had never seen before, all housed in wonderful exhibits. My personal favourites were the pandas, they were super cuddly looking and really active, tumbling about in their enclosures! A special mention also goes out to the food in San Diego… Americans sure know how to eat: I must have had waffles every single day I was out there and discovered the delicacy known as whipped butter, ah-maaaz-ing!

I feel so lucky that I had such a wonderful time and I hope that one day that I can return here and spend even longer soaking up the sun on the pristine beaches and re-visiting all of these places.



Viva Las Vegas!

Last week for my 21st birthday present, my dad took myself and my brother to the US. The first half of that trip was to the insanely vibrant city of Las Vegas; which is what I’ll be writing about today!


The Chandelier Bar

I can quite safely say that Las Vegas is the most bizarre place I have ever visited. After our 12-hour flight, we were dropped off at our hotel; The Cosmopolitan. As soon as you enter this amazing hotel, it’s like being transported into a different world; we traversed through rows of revellers trying their luck at the slots, and eventually found ourselves at the extravagant Chandelier bar. From here we could find our way to our rooms… 58 floors up in the sky, overlooking the iconic Las Vegas strip. This is not a hotel for anyone who suffers from a fear of heights, looking out over our balcony would be enough to make anyone queasy.

3345356   After we were settled in, we decided to explore the hotels on the strip. Anywhere else in the world, this would seem like a boring activity, but in Vegas each hotel has something unique and amazing inside of it. My personal favourite was The Venetian which was decorated to imitate Italy inside; complete with lovely cobbled streets, canals, and gondola rides. The ceiling is painted to look like a beautiful sunset and feels so realistic that it’s easy to forget that you’re inside until you step outside into the Nevada sunshine. After exploring a few of the sights that Vegas had to offer in what felt like a trip around Europe I had myself a well-earned bubble bath overlooking the strip and then we treated ourselves to the all-you-can-eat buffet at the Wicked Spoon (which, by the way, is awesome.)

The next day we visited the super gross but really interesting “Real 20139669_10155535520238200_1750867495945826623_nBodies” exhibit. Whilst very morbid and not for the faint-hearted, “Real Bodies” was a unique and fascinating exhibit which showcased perfectly preserved bodies in different poses- stripped of their skin and sectioned in different ways so that you could see the inner workings of the body. As horrific as it sounds, it was really well done and beautifully displayed… Perhaps the only part that caught me off guard and made me shudder was a small room shielded by a curtain that contained an intact human skin on a hanger… Gross.


Us and Teller!

In a lighter (and far less grotesque) evening activity we also went to see Penn and Teller. I do not wish to spoil anything for anyone planning to see them but their show is an absolute MUST- especially in their own theatre at the Rio! It is very traditional, old-school magic but it is flawlessly performed and utterly breathtaking. An added bonus is that they both meet every single fan after the show and are extremely humble and welcoming, they have time for every single audience member.

There is so much that we crammed into our days in Vegas that I fear this post would get too long if I included all of it! In short, Vegas surprised me in the best way possible, and whilst there are some seedy undertones, the glitz and glam of the place overwhelms this and there is so much to do that you could never possibly be bored. I would highly recommend it as there really is no other place on Earth like Las Vegas!


Anything goes in Vegas